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From the very beginning of our business, we’ve looked at ways of helping organisations get the most from communicating with their customers via text messages.

It started by creating value for the taxi industry and their customers. What began with text-on-approach messages sent to waiting punters has now grown into a service that encompasses a diverse range of customers, each with their own specific needs.

In safe hands.

Our ideal position, and extensive experience in the field of business texting, means that we can assist you in achieving your goals. We make sure we deliver a product that is aligned with your expectations.

Our range of customers is constantly growing and so is our experience of different industries. We regularly monitor and evaluate our processes and results, to improve our systems and our customer conversion rates. 

We love nothing more than a challenge; the more technologically challenging the project, the more we adapt and change as an organisation! Some of our very best breakthroughs have been suggested, created and fostered by our customers in addressing their needs.

A company of many hats.

We like keeping it simple, so take a look at some examples of the industry sectors we have successfully undertaken work for,:


Understanding customers’ needs, and working together with a major taxi software company, was crucial to our design of an application which provides ‘Text-On-Approach’ and booking services with full API integration and geo-fence triggering. We also have extensive experience in delivering marketing-related texts to taxi companies launching various smartphone apps.


Casino or betting agent, online or offline, we have helped businesses authenticate betting slips to their customers, as well as confirming their debit and credit card transactions. We have helped incentivise and promote sporting events or discounts to their loyal customer base.


Confirmation of membership, special offers for lost customers or simply notifying members of a time change for their fitness class - we’ve helped various businesses achieve better retention and new member conversion rates. 


We’ve helped dental practices save hundreds of pounds in staff costs and postal charges. How? By replacing the traditional way of setting up appointments via the phone or post with regular check-up and booking notifications sent via text message. 


Independent recruitment agencies have been helped by FareText to take control of their portfolio of candidates. Business text messages have been of great assistance in the communication of available temporary positions en masse, without them trying to contact every individual by phone. It’s also been a great tool in confirming interviews and reminding candidates a few hours beforehand.


Marketing & estate agencies have both taken advantage of our services – whether it’s supplying data for market penetration or updating their customers with service progress reports, new availability, etc. - texts have saved them money and time in communicating and prospecting.


Reminders of MOTs and confirmation of car servicing via text has helped smaller garages maintain loyalty and gain repeat custom from valuable local clients. And they do this by benefiting from a technology normally only available to the larger dealerships.


Real-time updates and time-critical texts for those last minute seat-fillers – our texts have been used by event planners and independent bands to promote their gigs, ensure maximum attendance and give correct directions to concert goers.


Snow closures, teacher inset days, school trips, a web link to your child’s school report - schools, nurseries and colleges have used our secure and virtually instant SMS platform to notify parents and guardians via their registered mobiles in both emergency and planned SMS broadcasts.


Hotels and guesthouses have used our text messaging system successfully by campaigns being designed around the information they have on file. Special promotions or incentives for a weekend away, a bank holiday or a national celebration have been developed and tailored to guests based on their previous habits.


Seen more and more nowadays, blue chip companies as well as smaller organisations are utilising the power of the text to update their customers periodically. Notifications of orders, confirmation of processing, despatch and delivery details are some of the ways our integrated system has been used to improve our clients’ customer service.


Integrated trigger or keywords have been used to interact with the customer, allowing the end user to select the day they would prefer to receive their delivery. Using our SMS system has practically eliminated the irritation of carding, non-delivery and the potential of having to leave the package in a bin or with a neighbour. This results in fewer complaints and more satisfied customers.


A more successful alternative to voucher-based email propositions, our solution supports our restaurant, take-away and bar clients to maximise their databases in ways they’ve never considered before. Promotions and incentives have allowed our customers to increase their sales simply by contacting their loyal customer base. We’ve even supplied preferred demographic data to increase customer awareness in the local area with ‘new customer’ introductory offers.


Beauty parlours, hairdressers and salons have all used our integrated API solution in conjunction with their CRM or booking software. These clients have been able to confirm bookings, send reminders and incentivise their customers automatically and usually at a click of a button. They’ve managed to reduce the number of cancelled and no-shows and improve on customer advocacy for their regular clients.


Own a high street store? We’ve successfully helped organisations grow and re-attract customers back by simply reminding them that you’re still there. We’ve even assisted in developing their Facebook shop referrals by embedding a mini web link within their SMS communication and have, as a consequence, increased their social exposure.


Designed for charity, government funded and non-profit organisations. Donate through SMS or if you’re running, swimming or performing another activity for charity, let us help you communicate this to your customers, workforce and friends via SMS. Embed all-important links to provide your reasons for doing it. Update followers with your diet goals.


Ideal for confirming personalised booked appointments and sending out reminders. Can be used via all our delivery routes and has proved successful in ensuring customer availability without the need of telephone confirmations. Has helped reduce costs in cases of customers not being present and helped with the logistics of organising efficient workforce operations.


Daily pep texts to subscribed members, allowing for continuation of the training process. Brilliant for confirming bookings at events and venues, can also be used with trigger words to gauge acceptance levels of upcoming training courses and, of course, communication of last minute alterations.



One of our biggest areas of expertise is in assisting software developers with SMS integration into their own systems – this allows ‘another string’ to their bow of services to their customer base as well as providing an additional source of revenue for the developer.


Texts can be pretty much used for anything; if you’re a consumer-driven organisation, the chances are we’ll be able to help with marketing and improving upon the number of times you interact with your customers. So if you have an idea but aren’t sure on how to implement it within your business, just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll offer you our frank advice on whether it’s a goer or not.

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