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Information vs Knowledge.

All companies hold and retain certain information on their customers. The differences between companies can be seen in the quality of the data and how often it is used.

We take the view that data is simply information and remains this way until it is used or shared. Most businesses regularly update their database but many are often guilty of not really using it to their advantage on a regular basis.

By analysing this data, cleaning it and sharing it within your organisation, this information suddenly becomes knowledge. Once you have that, you have a springboard to talk with customers more effectively, ensuring that any outbound communication is targeted to their needs, not a simple blanket message that offers no interest or relevance to their requirements.


Your own data.

‘Utilise what you have’, we say – it’s completely free!

Convert this information into knowledge about your customers. Simply by working the data, you’ll be able to maximise your SMS campaigns by making them relevant to your customer’s behaviours.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how – we do! We’ll help you really look at the information you hold about your customers, the pattern of when they use your services, the products they purchase, their average transaction amount and a host of other key indicators.

We’ll help you cleanse what you have and put it into a format that you can understand, that can then also be used as a platform to generate Bulk SMS campaigns with the minimum of fuss. We’ll assist in developing different messages for different customer demographics and advise on the best times to schedule the broadcasts.

For a small additional charge we can also run your list of customer mobile numbers through something called ‘HLR lookup’. Put simply, we take your numbers and cross reference them against what is effectively a mobile phone number registry that indicates whether the number is still connected and live on a mobile network. The advantage being, you’ll only have to pay for texts that have the best chance of being delivered to your customer.

As we’re an ethical business, we’ll make sure you have the right policies and agreements in place for you to use your customer data for SMS marketing and communication.

If you haven’t, don’t worry, we’ll help you develop them. As an organisation, we are strictly against anything that could be viewed as ‘Spam’. We ensure that every text going out has the ability for your customers to opt-out via a reply number or at least the facility for them to set their preferences via email.

For more information about our Anti-Spam Policy please click here Anti-Spam Policy


New data.

Need more, or have little or no mobile-related data? No problem, this is something we can help with too.

Ideal for growth and market penetration strategies, we assist our clients by supplying new mobile phone numbers to their specific requirements.

As more and more people use mobiles over any other form of communication, acquiring them isn’t a difficult practice. However, ensuring that they are 100% solicited and that you have permission to market your type of business is a completely different ball game.

For that reason, we have strong working relationships with some of the largest data controllers in the UK. All of our data partners are reputable and extremely competitive. They offer mobile data from a range of approved sources and can be demographically filtered to suit your needs.

As standard, any data purchased from FareText attracts the following benefits:

  • Competitively priced with discounts on volume breaks
  • Permission for SMS use within your industry 
  • Geographic selection
  • Options for outright ownership or licensed for defined number of campaigns
  • HLR look up 


Whether it’s your own data or mobile data purchased outright and through us – it remains your customer data. All our customers have their own dedicated account; the information of each remains confidential and separate.

We follow strict guidelines set by the Data Protection Act and do our utmost to ensure that we abide by the suggested and legal regulations. We are also registered voluntarily with ICO to uphold information rights of our customers.

For your peace of mind and to put it plainly, FareText will not use, reuse, sell or assign any of our end-user customer data. All data provided will never be distributed or sold to a third party and remains the customer’s intellectual property.

Interested in data?

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