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What we do.

Reach your customers quickly, easily and securely with FareText’s bulk text messaging integration services. 

Texts, SMS, Messages; whatever you call them, we do them. Whether it’s through Premium or Standard routes, texts are our business because they help your business.

Whatever the size of your company or which industry sector you’re in, our targeted SMS solutions provide real value to your existing communication infrastructure – whether you want to market to new customers or you want to create added value for your existing ones.

cost-effectiveWe have a philosophy about business texting: it should be simple, cost-effective and reliable. And be of genuine benefit to you and your customer.

Why choose texts?

It’s simple really. Text messaging is officially the most popular form of communication. At home, at work, on the move.

We just help businesses understand and take advantage of a channel that’s mainly used by consumers. Millions of them. Everyday.

"There’s only two reasons why businesses would ever need to use text messages – one is for Marketing purposes and the other to create value to their customers. We just simply help our customers understand differences between each and how they potentially could be used"
Co-founder Brian McGeachie

If you receive a text, it’s direct to your phone, it’s personal and demands your immediate attention. This makes sending short messages one of the most powerful forms of Marketing and communicating with customers that a business could ever employ.

Need more convincing? These clever stats are pretty persuasive… 


How we fit in.

We bridge the gap between the technology and your business needs.

Not thought about using business texts before? Most organisations selling to consumers can benefit in some way by replacing customer contact touch-points with texts. With our help and guidance, you can also grow your sales significantly by using text messaging to promote or advertise your business.

We help businesses define how best to convert their services into relevant, usable text messages that reach their customers and which ultimately translate into sales for them.

With constant support, monitoring and evaluation, we help all our customers get the most out of each campaign. So your next campaign is more successful than the one before!

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