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Welcome to faretext.

A bulk SMS API that adapts to your business.

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Our user-friendly bulk SMS API can be provided in almost every programming language to seamlessly connect to your CRM or software solution. Or, transfer over in only 3 clicks with our switch migration.

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Our UK based team will ensure that you get the most out of our bulk SMS API by fully understanding your requirements and supporting your integration from beginning to end, whatever your business.

Instant communication
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Virtually instant, never ignored and nearly always received by the right person. Text messages are the most popular form of communication, they just happen to also be the simplest and most effective.

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Bulk SMS FAQs.

Want to go code free? Introducing oello.

Built for developers like you.

‘Having worked with Faretext on developing Oello, we quickly realised the extended benefits of integrating their SMS services into all of our bespoke software solutions. It’s a breeze to implement and our customers say, their texts are uber quick and exceptionally reliable.'
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'The simplicity of the text, is the reason that it’s the number one form of communication in the world. Faretext’s support, and the seamless and comprehensive integration has allowed SMSs to form an integral part of our offering and in turn, our customers brand strategy.'
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‘Faretext easily integrated into our Optician Management System.  Now our users can start sending SMS messages via Faretext in no time at all.  Whenever there are any questions or issues the support provided has always been first-class. I would highly recommend Faretext to anyone’
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Everything we do as a business is focused on giving organisations of any size the opportunity, and the ability, to communicate with their customers via text. So, get in touch and we’ll help you explore the ways the text messaging via our various bulk SMS solutions can best serve your software solution and in turn, your customers.

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