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No software or training needed.


emailBy far the quickest way of integrating the capabilities of Bulk SMS into your organisation is by using FareText’s Email to SMS service.

With no complicated software to install or any training required, this straightforward delivery method allows you and your staff to send bulk text messages in the same way you would send a group email.

We simply assign your nominated email address or addresses to your account, and then all you to do is prefix the mobile number of your customer to our dedicated email server 07********* and insert it into the ‘To:’ field of a new email message.

Leaving the subject blank, write your message, including either a long number or short code for replies and just click send. It’s that simple.

For those of you opting for the Premium route we can even change the Sender ID to contain your company name to a maximum of 11 characters including spaces.

Receive replies.

A quick reminder: by including your chosen long number or short code within the content of your message, we’re able to capture the replies and send them back to your nominated email address. Or, if you prefer, to a different email address.

We recommend that all customers opting for this delivery method use the Premium route to take advantage of up to 612 characters (4 texts sent in the same transmission) with the option of assigning your company name as the Sender ID.

Interested? Then simply Register, using the link near the top right and we’ll generate you a user name and password within a couple of hours. We’ll then contact you to confirm your preferred email address information.


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