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The not-so-little ‘something extra’.


managedIntroducing any new technology into your organisation can be a daunting experience. Especially when the technology in question happens to be related to your customer communication.

No matter how adept you are at embracing change, it always takes time to learn something new. It takes even longer to get the most from it! So why sacrifice time, resources and thinking on something you don’t necessarily need to?

Designed predominately for smaller businesses, our fully managed service is just that – full and managed – which means we do everything for you! 

Here’s the best thing: this service is completely free-of-charge. Simply leave us to work on your behalf whilst you concentrate on doing what you do best. Benefit from our long-standing experience and advice as well as accumulate major text-message envy from your competitors.

The only involvement we ask from you is at the start of each campaign; to set out your objectives, provide the mobile data and the preferred date and time for your text transmission.

What we do.

  • Gather from you what you wish to achieve from Bulk SMS
  • Provide an impartial opinion of what may work for your industry
  • Supply a quotation with our recommendations
  • Cleanse your database in the correct format
  • Upload your contacts
  • Schedule the best time and date for your needs
  • Send out your campaign
  • Analyse the results and provide feedback of each campaign
  • Provide basic analytics of any embedded mini-links
  • Provide a cleansed database after campaign, removing all opt-outs and failed numbers
  • Refine your message and provide suggestions for the next campaign


We understand that businesses are constantly evolving, so our delivery methods have been designed with your flexibility in mind. So, if you find that you want to change from one to another, just let us know and we’ll get this set up for you.

Interested? Then simply Register, using the link near the top right and we’ll generate you a user name and password within a couple of hours, and throw in 100 free texts.

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