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Relationships that really pay.

Relationships are a good thing, but great relationships are the icing on the cake. And at FareText we celebrate the great relationship; it’s one of the major ways we run our business. 

The key to our positive growth is that we concentrate on forging long-term and trustful relationships with our customers whilst equally investing in our sizable network of like-minded business friends.

It all started with a simple introduction from a trusted colleague to a company within their network – we quickly recognised an area that we hadn’t even considered before; and new business relationships were created, based upon collaboration and trust.

Since that referral, we’ve developed a flexible and very workable reseller partner programme, rewarding anyone that recommends our services to their customers and contacts, and then goes on to become a client of FareText.

How does it work?

It’s simple. If you know of someone that could benefit from, or is interested in, our business-related text services, drop us a line or email. Alternatively, fill in the quick contact form below and we’ll contact you directly at a time of your choosing.

You can be involved as much or as little as you want to be. We understand that your business relationships are important to you, with any introduction or referral carrying with it a certain responsibility. We acknowledge and understand the need to maintain the qualities and expectations that your relationship was originally formed upon.

Why partner with FareText?

We are one of the most competitive quality-led providers of business texts in the UK. We work with your customers to develop their business through SMS communication and provide all the key ingredients to support their continual and ever-changing needs.


Commission and payments.

We’re transparent right from the start. We promise to work with you to ensure that your customer gets a great deal at a competitive rate. 

We will disclose our cost prices, the margin made after set-up and ongoing costs. We then divide straight down the middle and provide payment upon invoice every month following successful payment from our mutual customer.


Conditions - the necessary (boring) bit.

Other than agreeing to our terms and conditions and abiding by our Anti-Spam Policy there really aren’t any. Further conditions may apply in specific cases, however these will be agreed and communicated before any payment is collected.

To view our Terms and Conditions please visit our Terms & Conditions

To read our Anti-Spam Policy, please visit our Anti-Spam Policy

For your peace of mind, and for as long as we have the customer relationship, defined as the active and continued use of our services, we guarantee payment as agreed at the start of our partnership.


If you think this is too good a chance to miss, then please either complete the referral form below or give us a call so we can discuss a little more about your potential referral.

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