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Other than email, there is no other communication medium that allows you to touch base with all of your customers within seconds and all at the same time.

But the main difference between texting and emailing is that 98% of texts are opened and read within 90 seconds. Emails, on the other hand, only enjoy a 22% open rate and take on average 2.5 days to be read.

Now, we could throw a load more stats at you to prove why Bulk SMS is the only efficient way of reaching your customers en masse, in seconds, with a personalised message, but we won’t.

Instead, we’ll tell you how we are able to do this by touching briefly on the multiple technology methods we operate when sending out your text messages.

Ultimately, the result is the same; the prompt, secure and reliable receipt of your text communications. But these give you the choice and flexibility of deciding how much or how little you would like to be involved.

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Delivery Methods.



Want to keep control and organise your campaigns yourself?

For those that do, we offer a secure, cloud-based web portal that’s accessible from any PC with an internet connection. 

Login and access your account; upload contacts, send out one-off messages to single or multiple numbers or schedule a campaign for an upcoming date and time. 

View your balance, or request to purchase new texts. Check the number of successfully delivered messages in the last week, month or over a period of your choosing.

We’ll still evaluate your campaigns for you, always ensuring that you get the best results possible and also help with refining your message and communications for your next broadcast.

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Want a system that integrates seamlessly into your software?

This is ideal for those needing texts with multiple functions, have high-volume requirements and who want something built-in; our API system allows customers to combine their CRM or ordering software with the power of bulk text messaging. 

Using our HTTP API technology means it’s never been easier to implement a SMS system into your organisation. We can provide example code for almost every programming language and will be on-hand to assist and support when matching it to your software.

Send, receive and schedule text message campaigns with the familiarity of using your very own software.

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Want a quick solution with no software and that everyone can use?

With nothing to install, no set-up costs or monthly fee, simply use your favourite email client to send and receive text messages. Long message support of up 612 characters is recommended for this delivery method. 

Simply register with us and, once you’ve been allocated an account, start sending texts within minutes. No training is needed, making our Email to SMS one of the easiest ways for you or your employees being able to send text messages.

To set your mind at rest, your account will be allocated to your nominated email address – all you do is prefix the recipient’s mobile number to an email address we provide and it’s that simple. Just click ‘send’ and your customer will receive your email as a text.

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Want to get the benefit of SMS communication that saves on workload?

Well, let us do it for you. Time equals money in business and we know that your time is in short supply. Although we’re pretty confident that our web-based interface is a doddle to use, we also recognise that it takes time to learn something new. 

But, it doesn’t have to. We’ll do everything for you and we’ll do this for free. 

After a brief discussion on what you want to achieve from your text campaign, we’ll develop your message with you – other than that, all we need is the who (the mobile numbers) and the when (the time and day you would like your customers to receive it).

We will provide you the results on email or over the phone and, if required, we’ll refine your next text message to improve on the success of the last.

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No matter how our Bulk SMS solution is integrated into your business, we will always provide you with extensive and regular training on-site or remotely. We want to make sure you get the most from our services all of the time, not just some of the time.

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