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premiumThis route offers the very best possible quality for Bulk SMS transmission.

Processed directly by the network, our Premium route delivers on everything you expect from a business text, and a whole load more.

This is our quickest and most reliable route available, with the best possible coverage. Texts processed through Premium have the highest rates of reliability; currently over 99% and comparable with delivery speeds of the mobile networks themselves.

Going Premium also offers a host of many other value-added feature and options, including International texts, 2-way SMS, trigger-words, short-code etc. That will help you tailor the system to your specific requirements and ensure you get the very best from your text communication.

We invest a lot of our time ensuring that our technology moves parallel to that of the networks. So when a new technology becomes available, we make sure that it is accessible and present via our Premium route.

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So why opt for Premium?

This route is ideal for companies that want to ensure their branding is visible on all their text communication. This you can do by manipulating the Sender ID (the number or characters appearing on the end-user’s handset) – what’s called having a dynamic Sender ID. With a character limit of 11 characters, including any spaces, businesses opting for Premium have the freedom to change the mobile number into their company name or a dedicated hosted mobile phone number of their choice.

All texts sent through Premium come with detailed reporting. We can show what was sent, delivered, failed, opted out and, if a mini-web link is integrated, how many times it was accessed. This maintains good practice by only targeting customers that are active on a mobile network whilst cleansing your customer database of people who have opted out. We make sure that you only pay for messages that you need at all times.

Long message support is available, allowing your customers to send 4 text messages in a single message transmission with an allowance of 612 characters. This is ideal for software-generated forms that may exceed the maximum 160 character limit of a single text.

And to put your mind at rest, we have numerous onsite, offsite and virtual back-ups in place. These are supported by our 24-hour monitoring systems and an emergency hotline. On the extremely rare occasion there is a problem with our service, your message and ultimately the customers’ communication, will still be delivered. 

With the Premium back-up process, we operate a like-for-like system; meaning that in the very unlikely event this route failed, your message would still be sent through a dedicated stand-by Premium route (lying dormant until automatically activated by our monitoring controls).

What’s included with Premium.

  • Sent direct from the mobile operator
  • One set price for all UK mobile networks
  • Clear price per text 
  • Texts don’t expire
  • Full UK coverage
  • Dynamic Sender ID (alpha sender, alpha-numeric manipulation)
  • Full reporting on sent, delivered, failed, pending and opted out
  • Defaulted to support long message of up to 612 characters
  • Full back-up support and like for like Premium re-routing
  • Free replies

options2Available options.

Below is a list of options available for the Premium route, and depending how you want these to be applied, additional costs may be charged. 

If you need any further clarification on the costs, please give us a call or use the contact form on either the contact page or the Get in Touch form in the footer of this page.

  • Long message support up 612 characters (4 x SMS)
  • 2-way SMS by using a dedicated host number or short-code key/trigger word
  • Hosted - long number, virtual number or SIM card
  • Short code with key/trigger word
  • Shared short code with key/trigger word
  • E-mail to SMS
  • API to SMS
  • Account portal and web based interface
  • Reseller portal
  • SMPP connection (minimum volume applies)
  • Delivery reporting sent via API
  • API connection via http API 

For more information regarding the available options or to see the exact definition please use our Jargon Buster by visiting our Options

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