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The long and short of it.

the-long-and-short-of-itIt’s a fact that text messages are pretty ‘cool’ and ‘now’ for businesses. We at FareText can be very effective in helping your consumer-driven organisation use texts to increase sales and improve the way you communicate with customers.

It’s really easy. It can be as straightforward as meeting us for a chat, or giving us a call, and within minutes bulk texts can be sent out to the contacts in your databases. No matter if it’s a generic message to a hundred mobile numbers, or a bespoke message to ten thousand.

How it can be used.

The possibilities are endless. Communicate with your customers with real-time, relevant information, directed just at them: 

embed…embed contact numbers, mini-links or discount codes, use a short code for replies and opt-outs, make your texts interactive by inserting words or characters for your customers to respond to… 

Flexible and versatile text messaging has never been so popular. With the increasing use of smartphones, content is now more accessible than ever. Today’s mobiles intuitively recognise links and phone numbers, making that all-important call or web page a click or finger slide away.

How we understand you.

We operate a simple and structured approach to finding out what your specific needs are:

Viability Fact Find - First off, we get to know who you are and what you do. We find out whether text messaging is really for you, and question your expectations of how you perceive the benefit of using texts in your business.

Consultation – If text messaging will work for you, we then take things a step further by investigating your aspirations for the future. Our team of people are honest, experienced and on top of their game – they know business texting inside out – and if there’s a technology or available function out there that will help realise your customers’ goals, we’ll shout about it.

how-we-understand-youRecommendation – Most bulk business text companies provide a platform for customers to use, and then leave it there. However, we take it a few steps further. We draw from our experiences in similar industries and adopt an approach that really works, one that complements both your business and marketing objectives.

Training – Dependent on how you would like to integrate our text messaging solution into your business, we will always provide extensive and regular training on-site or remotely, to ensure that you get the most from our services.

Support – By signing on the dotted line won’t mean that’s the last you’ll see of us; we make sure we’re there every step of the way. No matter whether you’re a client using our services daily or monthly, we are always on hand to ensure that your campaign or service runs smoothly. Our back-up contingencies are second to none, and on the rare occasion that you experience any issues – we make ourselves accessible to all customers via a dedicated 24-hour support line.

Evaluation – Without review or analysis ‘nothing changes’. We make sure that all results, negative or positive or communicated so we can help you adapt to your customers’ feedback. We pride ourselves on being ethical, and will always ensure that your customers’ communication preferences are adhered to at all times.


Our process.

With every new customer or project, we apply a very simple 1-5 step process. This is integral to how we understand you. It allows both parties to clearly understand the purpose of what you want from using text messaging, the differences in the text routes and what options are available to you.

By adopting this method, we are able to communicate clearly the steps leading towards a successful campaign or software integration. As a customer, you are actively involved in every phase. 


Choose a function

Whether your need is a marketing one, or about creating added value to your existing customer base, it’s good to be clear from the start. For those customers looking at both objectives, we simply apply this process independently to each.

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Choose your route

For simplicity, we offer two main routes. Depending upon your requirements for branding or reporting as well as your budget, you can decide on either our Premium or Standard routes.

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Choose your options

Once you have chosen your intended route, there are a few options available on each to ensure that you get the very most from your campaign or communication. For example, we can offer you 2-way texting, long number support, branding via the Sender ID, trigger words and a host of other optional extras.

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Choose a delivery option

We offer complete flexibility for every type of customer. Depending upon your intended function for your business texts, you can use a web-based portal, an integrated software solution (API), an email-to-text service or, for those with a limited staff force our free-of-charge, fully managed service.

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Choose your data

The best data is always the data you have from your customers already, we’ll just help you use it in a different way. We’ll make sure that you’re compliant with the Data Protection Act for solicitation and that you have the right policies in place. For those of you that require new mobile data, we have relationships with the largest data controllers in the UK.

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