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standardWe set our standards high. Very high. Which is why we are NEVER to be confused with those unsolicited, low-cost SIM texts churned out by ethically-challenged SMS providers or any dubious grey imports from overseas. 

Our Standard route text messages are sent directly by our UK-based system via corporate contracts to solicited or opted-in numbers only. 

Developed largely in conjunction with the needs of our text-on-approach customers, we have established a route that is now comparable to the reliability and speed of our Premium route.

We currently send hundreds of thousands of these types of texts per month with a 98% delivery success rate. Most are delivered within a 7 second window, from transmission to receipt, making them ideal for the more time-critical text applications.

What we started when working with the taxi industry, we now continue to invest in the technology behind the standard route. We are always improving on our next generation technology, making it better than the last. 

What’s great is that even with our continuous redevelopment work, you will only ever pay what you were originally quoted - you regularly benefit from an ever-evolving and improved service. 

Test us for free.

Check our Standard route claims for yourself – just insert your mobile number starting with 07, with no spaces, into the field to the right and click the Test button.

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Why should you opt for Standard?

It’s quick, reliable and at about half the cost of Premium. 

This route is ideal for people that want to pilot or trial high-volume bulk SMS campaigns or have fixed or limited budgets. 

It’s also brilliant for cost-effective SMS marketing or to add value via your tailored text message campaigns – assuming that your customers are happy to receive these from a generic mobile number.

Even though Standard is our cheaper alternative, we still employ the same level of back-up redundancies and contingencies that we provide for Premium clients. 

And to put your mind at rest, we have numerous onsite, offsite and virtual back-ups in place. These are supported by our 24-hour monitoring systems and an emergency hotline. On the extremely rare occasion there is a problem with our service, your message and ultimately the customer’s communication, will still be delivered. 

Are there any limitations?

Even though choosing Standard gives you one super-reliable, super-fast route, it does have certain limitations with fewer features than those available with the Premium route. 

Although we are able to get delivery receipts for texts sent through our standard route, we aren’t able to provide further reporting for these texts.

In addition, this route won’t currently support long messages of up to 612 characters - it only allows messages of 160 characters and fewer to be sent. The good news is that we are presently beta-testing something called ‘invisible stitching’. This will allow up to 4 SMS to be sent in one text message transmission and is only weeks away from being implemented. We’ll keep you posted!

When you send a test through the standard route, we are unable to manipulate the Sender ID (the number appearing on the end-user’s handset). This is called having a fixed sender ID and normally means a generic mobile number will show on the recipient’s mobile device.

What’s included with Standard.

  • UK-based transmission via corporate accounts
  • One set price for all UK mobile networks
  • Full UK coverage
  • Clear price per text 
  • Texts don’t expire
  • Fixed Sender ID (from a generic mobile number)
  • Delivery reports on successful sends upon request
  • Full back-up support
  • Free replies

optionsAvailable options.

Below is a list of options available for the standard route, and depending how you want these to be applied, additional costs may be charged. 

If you need any further clarification on the costs, please give us a call or use the contact form on either the contact page or the Get in Touch form in the footer of this page.

  • 2-way SMS by using a dedicated host number or short-code key/trigger word
  • Hosted - long number, virtual number or SIM card
  • Short code with key/trigger word
  • Shared short code with key/trigger word
  • E-mail to SMS
  • API to SMS
  • Account portal and web-based interface
  • Reseller portal
  • SMPP connection (minimum volume applies)
  • API connection via http API 

For more information regarding the available options or to see the exact definition please use our Jargon Buster by visiting our Options

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