An extra layer of communication.

Integrating our technology into your application or software offers you a true communication extension; it works seamlessly with the technology you and your employees are already familiar with.

Designed to deal with high volumes of business texts, customers connected through our API can:

  • Send single and multiple SMSs
  • Personalise individual messages
  • Receive replies
  • Schedule future text campaigns
  • Receive text delivery status
  • Request balances
  • Add new contacts
  • View address book
  • Forward replies to email
  • Capture keyword and STOP replies

Getting connected.

Once you’ve been provided your account credentials, you need to generate a GET or POST request.
This you can do in your preferred programming language.

Please note that if you are using the economy service this has a fixed sender ID (the originator will be ignored). Only the direct and international routes support a dynamic sender ID.

Use the information below for single or multiple messages, when using a user name and password. Simply change the fields highlighted in red to your relevant information.

Or, for those that intend to use our API-key, please click the button below to view the example code and different programming languages, specifically when using an API-key.


Whatever your language, we’ll get you texting.

Once armed with your user name and password, copy and paste the example codes below to start using our API in your preferred format. If you’ve chosen to use our API key, code examples in popular languages can be found by pressing the ‘api-key view‘ button above.

Can’t see your programming language? Please get in touch by using the form at the bottom of the page.

Take the test.

Check the reliability and speed of our route for free. Simply insert your UK mobile number and click Go.

    The SMPP high-volume solution.

    Instead of connecting via our SMS API, customers have an alternative method to connect to Faretext, via our SMS SMPP service.
    Standing for Short Message Peer-to-Peer, this type of integration is used for broadcasting high-volumes of messages very
    quickly and directly to both, text aggregators and mobile network operators.

    Our server supports the industry-standard SMPP 3.4 and can process up to 600 messages per second.
    Simultaneously the system can also receive delivery receipts, ensuring real-time delivery results of your bulk
    text campaigns.

    To find out more about Faretext’s SMPP service, please get in touch, by filling in the form below or calling:
    0114 945 993.