Superfast South Yorkshire Connection & Innovation Vouchers Scheme

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Superfast South Yorkshire Connection and Innovation Vouchers Scheme provide eligible SMEs with funding to improve their broadband connections and/or introduce digital innovations into the business.

Faretext’s newly developed online portal to allow independent UK based businesses to send Marketing and Notification bulk text messages safely and securely to their customer base was part-funded through the Superfast South Yorkshire Connection and Innovation Vouchers Scheme.

Faretext Ltd has received funding from The Sheffiled City Region European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), part of the European Structural Investement Fund (ESIF) portfolio 2015 to 2020.

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Engage in 2-way text conversations, embed contact numbers, mini-links or discount codes, use a short code for replies and opt-outs, or make your texts interactive by inserting words for your customers to respond to. Get in touch, quoting ‘flexible add-ons’

Have a bulk SMS API with someone else? Forget redevelopment, move over to Faretext by only having to change a few bits of code. No matter who you’re with, we convert your existing API code to match ours. Get in touch by quoting ‘3-click switch’

Generate new customer lists with SMS via your very own QR code. Simply print onto leaflets, adverts or menus. Fully GDPR compliant and recorded against your account. Get in touch by quoting ‘Scan & Subscribe’

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