Flexible SMS add-ons

We understand that everyone’s needs are different. And dependent on how you want your solution to work and perform, there are a number of options available that could make your integration work harder and smarter.

Most of these ‘flexible add-ons’ as we like to call them, are available for all routes, but there may be some option limitations with the Economy route. The International route may also have certain country-specific restrictions but this is something that we will initially discuss and check when planning your bulk SMS solution.

Reply numbers
Enable your customers to reply back straight to your messages, by assigning a dedicated reply number as the sender ID to outgoing text. A monthly rental charge per reply number applies.

Create GDPR compliant opt-in’s by asking your customers to reply back with a keyword to your assigned reply number. Create new address book groups from these received replies.

Rent short-code or shared short-code numbers and use them as sender IDs or to capture inbound texts. Memorable at only 5, 6 or 8 numbers long, these are ideal for printed adverts.

Email forwarding
Nominate an email address, or two and our system can forward all replies received to your account as an email. It can even attach the original outbound message at the bottom of the email.

Mini URL generator
For those of you that want to include a web-link in your message, we have a facility that can create mini-url links on your behalf. Links created this way are fully trackable and offer helpful additional analytics.

QR Code creation
We can create bespoke QR codes, that can be used in your print or online advertising, allowing users to subscribe to your services by simply scanning a code with their camera phone.

Custom code
We are able to write and develop scripts or additional functions to let you get the most of your SMS integration. Although this is an additional cost, it normally isn’t as much as you may think.

HLR Lookup
Have an older database and not sure if some of the numbers are still valid? Rather than send a campaign and risk a percentage failing, we have paid service that checks if numbers are still live prior to broadcast.

Automated processes
For example, improve your customer journey by acknowledging receipt of your customers message by sending a fully automated reply SMS. Reaffirm your contact details and allow then reply straight back.

Want to use your own SIM card to capture your replies? For a nominal charge we can host your SIM card on your behalf, so everything received to that number is recorded against your account.

SMPP connection
Have high-volumes of messages? Standing for Short Message Peer-to-Peer, send up to 600 messages per second via our secure and direct SMPP 3.4 connection. This can be direct to the network or a tier-1 aggregator.

Managed services
For those that require a little additional help at the start of utilising text messages for their businesses, we have a free-of-charge service that will fully manage your SMS requirements. Just get in touch for details.

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