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The App Free, Contact Free Ordering Solution for Bars and Restaurants

In view of the recently updated information for bars and restaurants and how they can operate and safely adhere to the latest guidelines to combat COVID-19, Faretext has created the Contact Free Table Service.

Serve safely in 3 easy steps

Scan – your customer scans your personalised QR codes, one for your digital menu and the other for the prepopulated text message template.

Type – your customer fills in the information required in the message template, including the information required by the Government and their order.

Send – The text message sent by the customer is then converted and forwarded to you as an email.

No app to install

Our technology is based on the humble text message, a couple of personalised QR codes and a camera phone.

We create and supply 2 specific QR codes, tailored to you. These are sent to you via email and are print-ready for insertion into either digital or print.

One is for a direct link to your online menu page and the other is the pre-populated message template with the information you require from the customer, and a reply number the customer sends the message to.

All that you need to provide at the table are some basic instructions and clear visibility of the codes so they can be scanned.

Most decent camera phones will automatically pick-up the code simply by opening the camera application and pointing, that’s as complicated as it gets.

They finish off by completing the text message and hitting send!

Contact free service

When the text message is sent by the customer, our secure system captures the information from the mobile operator and converts this into an email.

You receive this email to your nominated address pretty much instantly, along with the full content of their message.

Not only will this provide all the details you may need to obtain for the Government, but it will also contain your customers’ order, meaning that your team can immediately start preparing their drinks and food, all without any initial contact from your service team.

Having all this information sent to your email client ensures that you remain compliant with the latest guidelines. It’s all digitally recorded, meaning if a track and trace request came through the information would be very easy to locate.

The system will also group together any further orders from your customer by providing a history of all text messages received from the customers’ mobile number. Handy, if you wanted to check what they’ve had when they ask for the bill.

GDPR Friendly

Along with the email that is sent to you, an auto-reply text message is also generated and sent back to your customer.

The purpose of this is to confirm that their order and requested information has been received, and allows them to order again directly without having to repeat the information provided previously.

The customer will only receive one auto-reply text message, even if there are subsequent orders.

In addition, and in compliance with GDPR it also offers the customer a way of opting-out directly from your marketing lists by allowing them to reply with the word STOP.

If they request a STOP, we are able to forward these requests to email to a different address for you to update their contact preferences.

Set-up & ongoing costs

Once you’re set-up, the monthly service cost is only £49.99 ex VAT per month and can be cancelled at anytime, with 30 days notice.

You will need to top-up on your auto-reply texts to remain GDPR compliant, however, we’ll let you know when you’re running low and contact you.

Normally an invoice will be raised and emailed, as soon as this is paid credits will be added to your account.


Initial set-up cost £120 ex VAT, includes:
– Provision of reply number
– 1000 auto-reply direct SMSs (up to 160 characters, standard length text message)
– Generation and supply of 2 QR Codes


Monthly service cost £49.99 ex VAT
+ Additional auto-reply SMSs charged at 3p ex VAT, minimum order 1000 credits apply

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